In Alaska, the otter climbed into the boat people to escape from killer whales

Guide John Dornellas shot on video, like a frightened otter escapes from killer whales in a boat with people, reports the Daily Mail.

John conducts boat tours in Alaska. During one of them he took video of the otter fleeing orcas. The frightened animal got on a boat to the people.

Dornellas said that he had noticed on the surface of the water the fin of the whale, moving towards his boat. And then there is otter, she was clearly scared and swam faster than normal. When the animal jumped into the boat, John greeted him and said that here he was safe.

The animal immediately came to himself and some time perplexedly looked around. The otter stayed with the people a few minutes and then jumped into the water.

Next to the boat John stood another ship. His captain reported that they had watched the whale had circled, waiting for prey. But then sailed away with nothing.