Gostv Belarus showed a video of the alleged detention of the Russians

Belarusian state TV channel "Belarus 1" in the daily broadcast news showed footage of the detention of citizens who, according to state Agency BelTA, are Russians, and claim to represent a private military company called Wagner.

The Belarusian state Agency BelTA reported Wednesday, citing an unnamed source in law enforcement bodies that, under the Minsk detained "32 militants, the foreign private company Wagner", another was arrested in the South of the country. All of them, according to the Agency, the Russians. Thus, according to the report, earlier information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign."

In particular, as seen in a video filmed probably in the sanatorium, the men walk down the hall, everyone got a small hand Luggage. The VoiceOver in parallel says that all the detainees were three large heavy suitcases that were loaded into the transport a few people.

It then shows the footage directly to the detention room, several men lying face down on the beds and on the floor. The channel also showcases the personal belongings, clothing the detainees. In addition, among the personal belongings were shown the covers of Russian passports, money, dollars, a phone, a Bank card.

In Belarus, the campaign for the presidential election, primary election day scheduled for 9 August. Candidates for the highest office was five people, the current Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is running for a sixth term. The election campaign is accompanied by the arrests of opposition politicians and activists, as well as unauthorized protests of citizens of Minsk and other cities.

Before this arrest, Lukashenko has declared that would not like to bring the armed forces to restore public order in the Republic, but "anything can happen". According to the President, all wars today begin with "the street protests, demonstrations, and then Maidan". As noted by the head of the Republic, "on the square, if its not... they are pulled from". Lukashenko also explained that it is "about the professional soldiers, bandits, which are specially prepared, mainly in the framework of PMCs around the world, and make a lot of money on provocations in those or other States".