Onf will propose to the Ministry of justice to include rules on the protection of animals in Cao

Experts of the Russian popular front will be sent to the Ministry of justice proposals for the inclusion in Cao RF of norms on the protection of animals, said Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Dmitry Polikanov.

On Wednesday, the popular front held a conference to strengthen the responsibility for the cruel treatment of animals. The discussion was attended by the leaders of animal protection organizations and representatives of other relevant agencies.

"We discussed current issues in the field zoozaschity with experts who save, rehabilitate and care for animals... On the basis of expert presentations, we will develop a resolution which will reflect all the proposals of the animal, and soon will send a letter to the Ministry of justice," said Polikanov at the end of the conference.

Expert onf Maria Lezhneva recalled that in 2018, was adopted the law about responsible treatment of animals. However, according to her, the regional Cao is not produced until now, and without them to bring the perpetrators to justice is impossible.

Another expert of the popular front, the animal rights activist Karen Dallakyan told that constantly have to deal with the lack of regulated places of detention of the rescued animals. So, saved in Chelyabinsk, the owl, the dirty black oil, the week was kept in the cupboard without providing veterinary care and then put up for sale through the Internet site.