Launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome, the satellites of "Express" earned in the winter

Telecommunications satellites, "Express-80" and "Express-103", which is scheduled to launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome on Thursday, is scheduled to be operational in January-February 2021, said operator - enterprise "Space communications".

According to Roscosmos, the launch rocket "proton-M" with satellites is planned July 30 at 0.27 GMT.

"The commissioning of the spacecraft "Express-80/103" is planned for January-February 2021," reads the website of the company "Space communications".

The report did not specify the reason for the alleged delay with the input apparatus into operation, but it is known that the possibility of the rocket "proton" will not allow you to bring both of the satellite "Express" to the working - geostationary orbit (circular orbit with altitude of 35 786 thousand kilometers), so information on the website of the Roscosmos, the spacecraft will be a long time (152-160 days) to reach it using its own electric propulsion systems.

Spacecraft "Express-80" and "Express-103" manufactured by "Information satellite systems named after Reshetnev" in the interests of the enterprise "Space communication" on the basis of satellite platform "Express-1000H". It is expected that they will work for 15 years in geostationary orbit in the setups 80 degrees and 96.5 degrees East longitude respectively. The satellites are designed to provide fixed and mobile communications, digital broadcasting, high-speed Internet access and data transfer in C-, Ku - and L-bands, in Russia and in the CIS countries.