Cave Tavrida interested foreign scientists, said in RSP

Foreign scientists became interested in the Crimean cave "Tauris", but priority in its learning are given to domestic experts, said the head of the project "Cave Tauris", the President of the Russian Union of speleologists (CPR) Gennady Samokhin.

"We are already actively working with their colleagues from Austria by age Dating, to study the Mineralogy, isotopic composition. Apply the math that they were interested to come to the Crimea. We are ready to involve scientists from other countries, but in terms of partnership, not dominance. We have experts who can promote this project in the world of science. First we will start with, and then we'll continue our foreign colleagues," said Samokhin journalists in the Crimean press-center of MIA "Russia today".

According to him, Russian scientists able to independently carry out international level research.

Karst cavity cave with a length of about two kilometers - was discovered in Belogorskiy district of the Crimea near the village of Zuya during the construction of the route "Tavrida" in 2018. Crimean speleologists found the cave the remains of ancient predators and other animals. The cave was organized a complex expedition, which consisted of experts of different fields - cavers, paleontologists, archaeologists, paleobotany, specialists in radioisotope Dating. Samples were taken from cultures by microbiologists, who is their study. The cave, according to scientists, remained sealed at least a million years.