Media: coronavirus could stop mutating, becoming more infectious

The new type of coronavirus, probably ceased to mutate and successfully adapted to the human body, becoming more contagious, according to the publication South China Morning Post, citing a study conducted by researchers of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

A group of scientists analyzed the samples taken at different foci of infection in the period from the end of June. They found genetic identity between the strains from patients infected in the beginning of the current third wave of the disease, and later samples.

"The coronavirus has continued to mutate during the first and second waves, when we conducted a similar study. At this time the results are quite different, which means that the virus either to adapt to the human body, thus ceasing to mutate, either all of these people were infected in the same place in a short period of time," says associate Professor of the Polytechnic University Gilman Sioux, whose opinion is quoted by the newspaper.

Professor at the Chinese University David Hui also believes that the virus successfully adapted to the human body to become more infectious compared to the first two waves.

In addition, the researchers found a high degree of genetic similarity between the majority of strains of local transmission and imported samples. Thus, according to Professor SIU, the source of most new lesions COVID-19 are imported cases.

Recently in Hong Kong has again increased the number of infections COVID-19. Since the epidemic was identified 2884 cases of infection, 23 people died, 1527 recovered. In the course of the epidemic in mainland China revealed 84 060 cases of coronavirus infection, 78 944 persons recovered, 482 patients with COVID-19 remain in hospitals, 4634 died.

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