The Federal tourism Agency said that will be kasbekar if you cancel a prepaid tour

Federal Agency for tourism has published annotations to the program to support domestic tourism, which States that in case of cancellation, acquired in the framework of this action, cashback received by the traveler, will be automatically deducted from his account in favor of the state.

The Ministry recalled that in August 2020, is conducting a special programme to support domestic tourism. Its essence lies in the fact that the traveler will be able to get a refund of up to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the cost of the permit. The program will involve all regions of the country, it includes both package tours (flight and accommodation), and separate accommodation for those who get on their own.

In case of cancellation of the trip is making a return purchase. "Return is made to the payment card with which the payment was made. It is only possible non-cash payment, not in cash. The cost of the subsidy shall be returned in electronic form. This operation will be done automatically by the payment system", — said the Agency.

This stipulates that the refund is carried out in the manner prescribed by the terms of the acquiring Bank.