The Greek government returned two million pensioners trimmed pensions

The Greek government will comply with court orders and refund the 2 million pensioners, reduce pensions, it will go to 1.4 billion euros, told reporters on Wednesday, an official in the government.

In Greece at the request of international creditors in 2010 were the reduction of pensions, which, in the opinion of the financiers, were disproportionately large. Was closed funds supplementary pension provision, canceled payment "gift" of the 13th and 14th pensions for the holidays and trimmed in 2010-2012. Was also cut an additional, so-called epicurean pensions derived from contributions to private insurance funds.

About 250 thousand pensioners have filed lawsuits to courts demanding to recognize illegal the reduction. The Supreme administrative court of Greece – the state Council - decided that pensioners should be paid a stripped down part of their pension.

"The government, fully respecting the decisions of justice, today tabled in Parliament an amendment, which put an end to the anxiety about 2 million pensioners on the issue of retroactive payments of pensions. This decision applies to all pensioners who have suffered cutbacks because of today's regulation is horizontal. Specifically, it concerns not only those who went to court, and it is about 250 thousand pensioners, but also those who have not gone to court", - said the official.

According to him, taking into account the decision of the State Council, the government intends to make lump sum year-end payment on the basic pensions for retirees from both the public and private sector. The total value of payments is estimated at 1.4 billion euros, the official said.

The compensation will apply only to basic pensions and will not cover the "gift" and the additional pension.

"The government has decided to pay specific amounts at a time and even without "haircut", fully implementing the Council's decision. Moreover, payments will not only get 250 thousand pensioners, filed with the court, but a total of approximately 2 million pensioners. However, the state budget is not limitless. And especially during the unprecedented crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. It is available at the present time, and takes into account intergenerational solidarity and the General state of the economy, which affected important sectors in the sphere of labour," the official said

According to him, the government must meet the growing needs that arise, on the one hand, calls on national issues, and on the other hand, due to external factors such as pandemic coronavirus.

"The government has supported and will continue to support our fellow citizens, the unemployed, employed and self-employed, especially in trade, catering and tourism, who saw their income and wages have fallen sharply due to a forced lockdown and reduce turnover caused by the pandemic. In addition, ongoing geopolitical challenges require strengthening of the Armed forces, without discounts and with a clear budget costs that would be borne by taxpayers so that the country could defend its sovereign rights against any invasion," the official said.

In recent months, deteriorated sharply the relations of Greece and Turkey due to disputes on the delimitation of Maritime zones.