The attendance of Moscow's parks have returned to the performance of last summer

The parks of Moscow the previous summer, according to acting Deputy Director of public relations Moorpark Daria Kosinova.

"Now attendance at the parks was normalized and, in principle, corresponds to last summer season," said Kosinova at a press conference on Wednesday.

She noted that online technology will never replace normal walk in the Park. "You have to understand that any online program needs to be your target audience, it needs to be created for something, not to replace a walk in the Park, and in addition to something", she said.

In Moscow from March 30 due to coronavirus was introduced a mandatory regime of self-isolation, were closed many stores, cafes, became inaccessible for walking parks, getting around the city was carried out with a pass. In June, restrictions began to soften. June 9 was canceled by the regime of permits and isolation, the Muscovites were able to move freely around the city. From 13 July, work resumed attractions, parks of culture and recreation, cultural centres and leisure type organizations. At the same time in the Russian capital was canceled and mandatory wearing of masks and gloves on the street.