"Black scheme": the internal enemy will destroy America, but can save Russia

Tomorrow at the Convention of the U.S. Democratic party (which will be held in online format) former Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps single-handedly choose the next President of the United States.

Rather, the future.

"Looks" and "as if" — because the presidency, Hillary Clinton was also guaranteed, but the reality is brought about stunning changes.

So when/if Joe Biden will be sworn in, he will be 78 years old. He didn't just become the oldest President occupying the Oval office, he will come off the previous record holder, which was a 70-year-old Donald trump, almost immediately on the decade.

That is, he will take office in the age at which the majority (36 of 45) of American presidents was already dead. Taking into account the previously mentioned strange behavior of the democratic candidate understand that he can join this most directly in the course of performing job duties.

In the event of such tragic trouble for the President (not just "acting" and real, absolute US President) will become Vice-President until the end of the four-year term Biden. And if Joe will be in a better world on the second day after arrival in office in this world is perfectly legal, although not a popularly elected President to steer the West's largest nuclear power to 2025.

And that person Biden is going to be called in the coming days.

In advance we know one thing: it's a woman, Biden promised so back in the spring. Question: what woman it is, on the eve of the Convention has become Central to the American political agenda.

Among the most popular nominated candidates — Senator Elizabeth Warren, who lost to Biden your vote during the democratic race earlier in the year