In Moscow will judge the bully, staged a knife fight in the temple

In Moscow will appear before the court a man attacked with a knife parishioners at the Church of St. Nicholas, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

On the morning of 16 February 26-the summer inhabitant of Lipetsk Efim Efimov entered the building of the temple on Bakuninskaya street and stabbed two parishioners. Then he was arrested, and seized a knife, gloves, and a packet of "substance of a phytogenesis".

Given that among the charges against him now articles no articles about drug trafficking, apparently, a drug is a substance is not. The young man is charged with hooliganism and deliberate causing of a little harm to health.

His motives are not reported. Earlier Efimov told the police that on that day, "not with that leg up", on the eve drank, and had a morning "joy was not." His mother has told RIA Novosti that the son worked in Moscow and never had a problem with alcohol, drugs and the law.

"Investigation Department of internal Affairs on the Central administrative district ... completed a preliminary investigation of the criminal case. The case with the approved Prosecutor indictment was sent to the Basmanny district court for consideration on the merits," said Wolf.