In Iran, the number of people infected with coronavirus has close to 300 thousand

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Iran close to 300 thousand, the official representative of the Ministry of health, SIMA Sadat Lari.

The TV channel IRINN, the representative of the Ministry of health noted that over the past 24 hours was able to identify 2636 new cases of infection with coronavirus, died 196

The total number of infected since February 19, when authorities first reported the detection of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the country has reached 298 909, victims – 16 343. At the moment the number recovered had reached at least 259 116.

According to her, almost half (15 of 31) provinces in the country has "red" status, which speaks of the worst epidemiological situation. On Tuesday in their category entered and the capital region.

The epidemiological situation in Iran is evolving in leaps and bounds: going in late March-early April a wave of infections (more than 3 thousand cases per day), the country in early may recorded less than a thousand occasions, after which the situation again began to deteriorate in early June set a new record zarahemla beating the March figure. Along with this, in the last month significantly increased mortality with a two-digit to three-digit indicators.

In July Iran five times I updated the record for the victims of the coronavirus. The maximum at the moment the rate is 235 deaths per day was recorded on July 28.

In connection with the worsening of the epidemiological situation of power July 5th, authorities introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in disadvantaged areas of the country, public and closed places. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani earlier said that the country is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus, which began in mid-June.

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