Italian sailors rescued in the Mediterranean sea, more than 80 migrants

Italian sailors rescued in the night of Wednesday 84 migrants who were in a rubber boat in distress on the Mediterranean sea, said the Roman operations center of the coast guard of Italy.

According to this information, waterlogged boat with migrants was discovered on Tuesday evening by plane to the EU Agency for security of external borders Frontex in the area of responsibility of Libya. However, the Libyan authorities refused to take over coordination of the search and rescue operation, citing the lack of available boats.

Is nine nautical miles from the scene of the disaster was the ship under the flag of Gibraltar, which serves the oil platform for French oil company Total. Representatives of the coast guard of Italy addressed to the captain of this ship, but he refused to go to the area to rescue the refugees. No response to your query, the Italians have received from the authorities of Gibraltar. The government of Malta, the area of responsibility which was closest to the emergency, also did not take any action to save migrants.

In this situation, the Italian coast guard assumed responsibility for coordinating rescue operations and sent to help disaster victims people the ship Asso 29 that supports the platform of the Italian oil group Eni. The operation took about half an hour and ended at 04.35 (05.35 GMT). On Board was raised to 84 people, including six women and two children, said in the operations center.

Now the ship Asso 29 heading for the Italian island of Lampedusa, where one of the detention centres for migrants. However, the situation in the centre is critical: currently, there are about thousands of refugees, whereas it is only rated for 95 people.

In recent weeks, the flow of migrants from North Africa to the shores of Italy increased dramatically in connection with the improving weather. Rescue operations at sea and disembarkation of refugees ashore occur daily.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of interior of Italy, 1 January to 24 July to Italy by sea arrived 11.3 per thousand workers. In 2019 for the same period of time this indicator made up 3.5 thousand people, in 2018 -18 thousand.

Europe is experiencing the most serious since the Second world war, the migration crisis, caused primarily next to armed conflicts and acute economic problems in Africa and the Middle East.