Grounds for the early elections to the Parliament there, said "the Servant of the people"

Grounds for the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the moment, the head of the Pro-presidential party "servant of the people", MP Alexander Kornienko.

Earlier, Ukrainian experts expressed an opinion that the MPs under threat of early dissolution of Parliament. Talk about the fact that President Vladimir Zelensky can dissolve the Verkhovna Rada began to actively circulate in the margins of Ukrainian politics after the failed vote of the Parliament for the program of actions of the government of Denis Smagala. In addition, increasingly, the parliamentary majority could not gather the necessary 226 votes to pass important bills.

"I guess in life you have to assume all. But I think that now grounds for early elections there. First and foremost, there are no political grounds, because from the point of view of sociology is now 50 to 50 Ukrainians support early elections. And this situation will always cause a low legitimacy of the elected Parliament", - said Kornienko in an interview with the online edition "Ukrainian Pravda" published on Wednesday.

According to him, "servant of the people" remains the leading force – according to the opinion polls, the party is still in first place in the list of preferences of Ukrainians.

"So what's here now to conduct the elections from the point of view of such an Outlook? You can certainly look for some legal reason, but this is unnecessary, because there is a coalition, the government appointed, Nice going," - said the head of the party.

He stated that this position is shared Zelensky. "The President supports the fact that the Parliament needs to work, to work systematically to work monopolistom. And we work," said Kornienko.

As President of Ukraine in may 2019, Zelensky first I dismissed the Verkhovna Rada. Two months later, the country held early parliamentary elections, which also with a record score won the "Servant of the people." Zelensky received a carte Blanche in the form of monopolista in Parliament. In February of this year the sociological service of the Razumkov center published the results of a survey according to which nearly 50% of Ukrainians negatively assessed the activities of the "Servant of the people" and only 34% reacted positively.