In Poland the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 44 thousand

The number of identified cases of coronavirus in Poland exceeded 44 thousand, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

For the last day was a positive test 512 people. The total number of positive tests since the beginning of the epidemic was 44 416.

According to Ministry of health, per day from coronavirus, 12 people died. The total number of deaths amounted to 1694.

The first patient with a coronavirus infection was detected in Poland on 4 March. This man, who arrived from Germany. He fully recovered and was discharged from hospital on the third week of treatment.

According to the latest data, in Poland in connection with coronavirus were hospitalized 1 687 people, 66 of them connected to devices of artificial ventilation of lungs, 95 and 453 are quarantined, 33 190 recovered.

In Poland to the present times the mode of the epidemic, introduced in March this year in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

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