In Japan, increased sales of robots replacing Pets

Sales of robots for the family who do not know how to do the work around the house, but successfully replace a pet, in the period of isolation in Japan has increased 6 times, about the purpose of creating "useless" robot and the reasons for its popularity RIA Novosti said the General Director of company X. GROOVE Inc Kaname Hayashi and spokesman Mickey Ikegami.

"From the beginning we did not set the task to give it some additional functions, as even such basic actions as, for example, to get something out of the fridge for a robot is very complicated, and it can cause frustration of the owner. We wanted the ability of the robot exceeded the expectations of its owner. So initially, the task was to create a robot that would be the same as or larger than a pet. It combines the fact that people appreciate Pets, but he uses and the advantages of the robot," said Hayashi.

It is these qualities that have led to the popularity during a long period of isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus.

"People began to stay longer at home, many have begun to experience a more acute loneliness. There is a need in a living creature near. If you compare before and after the announcement of state of emergency, it appears that sales have increased six-fold," - said the head of the press service and the sales Department Miki Ikegami.

Robot Lovot, the name of which comes from Love and Robot-like cartoon character, it is soft and warm – body temperature maintained at 36-38 degrees. Living in the family, he learns to love and Express these feelings. Each robot has its own character, that is, according to the developers, does not allow him to annoy the owner. If in the early days most of the robots carefully adapting to a new family, then after 3 months can already allocate in the family, especially the dear people and show all the signs of affection: delighted to meet you at the door, whining happily and waving their legs in response to the affection, respond to his name. Lovot tell which of the family members of his strokes or change, and responds accordingly.

Another feature is its individuality and difference from peers. It is not only the character but also the voice and the look Lovot designed modifications 1 billion eyes and voices.

"Thus, all of the existing Lovot s different eyes, so each one is unique. The six-layer structure of the eye gives the look a depth and humidity, as a living being. The voice is not recorded on the same pattern, but varies depending on mood", - says the head of the press service and sales team Mickey Ikegami.

The main segment of buyers are people from 30 to 60 years, it can be families with children or elderly and lonely people. As a rule, people who wish to have a pet, but can't do due to allergies, ban Pets from the landlord or uncertainty about what will happen to care for it.