In the Federation Council responded to the accusations in the address of Russia in misinformation about COVID-19

Russia, unlike US, never accused other countries of involvement in the spread of the coronavirus, and developing a vaccine, said RIA Novosti on Wednesday the first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council, the FSB General Vladimir Jabbarov.

Previously in two us media have been articles with charges of the Russian Federation in misinformation about the pandemic - the alleged former employees of the GRU post information, trying to influence the moods of Americans. According to sources, publications, Russia seeks to influence the US presidential election in November.

"Already a very tired topic of the presidential election - rather, they are already gone, and we all "accused," - said dzhabarov.

Speaking about the alleged involvement of Russian secret services to fake about the coronavirus, the Senator recalled that "the United States was the first person who has accused another country, China, in the spread of coronavirus". While Russia nor informally, nor even ever talked about the possible involvement of other countries to the spread of the virus, he added. Moreover, the Russian President talked about the fact that it is not necessary to search guilty, should develop a vaccine, said the legislator.

In his opinion, the article is intended "for internal use". "We need to find an external enemy," he said.

According to the Senator, in this situation it is better to focus on the fight against the pandemic, rather than blaming a third country. "As for the alleged involvement of the GRU, then GRU enough of their work, instead of having to deal with fakes," concluded Jabbarov.

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