Rosturizm called the new conditions for obtaining a tourist kesbeke

Rosturizm called the new conditions for receiving compensation for the cost of leisure, which until the end of the year will get a tour in the Russian regions.

It is noted that those wishing to make cash back will have to not just pay by card "the World", and to do it on the website of the tour operator or hotel one payment. The Ministry said that the cash payments or payments through the Bank terminal in the offices of travel agencies or hotels in the program impossible.

Also in tourism pointed out that to pay for travel can card of any Bank, but the payment system must be "Peace." Also a prerequisite is the registration in the loyalty program payment system.

Last week, the government decided to allocate the tourism industry an additional 15 billion rubles for the development of domestic tourism. Cashback will be provided for travel from 15 August to 20 December 2020 for 44 areas, and outside high season (1 Oct to 20 Dec) — 11 more.