On the election of governors in candidates moved 147

About 147 people were nominated candidates for gubernatorial elections in 18 regions of Russia, at the moment, the number of nominees the leader of Irkutsk oblast - 17 representatives of political parties and independent candidates, said the head of the working group of public chamber on public control over the voting Maxim Grigoriev.

"In 2020 will be the election of governors, senior officials of the regions 18 regions. At the moment, in this election we have nominated by 147 people. And actively participate in the both parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties. Candidates currently nominated 24 party. This is a large number of parties that participate in elections and nominate their candidates," - said Grigoriev at a press conference.

According to him, the largest number of candidates who have declared their candidacy, in Irkutsk oblast, and 17 people, including 11 independent candidates and six candidates from political parties, while in 2015, this region was nominated only seven candidates.

"The fact that so many people involved, it certainly characterizes the credibility of the electoral system and the faith in their own strength, once they are nominated," said he.

He also added that the next region where too many participants, it's Kamchatka Krai - 16 nominated who want to become candidates, of which six samodejna and 10 representatives of the parties - KPRF, LDPR, "Fair Russia", "Civic platform", "Patriots of Russia", the progress Party, Democratic party of Russia, Party of growth, the Party for justice, "Russian national Union".

"I want to remind you that in 2015 in the Kamchatka territory nominated only six candidates... the Jewish Autonomous oblast, in 2015, there were only five candidates now in 2020 we have as many as nine nominees. Another example is the Kostroma region. In 2015, there were six candidates, and in 2020 was put forward 10 candidates," - said Grigoriev.