Spouse Tsepkalo told why the former presidential candidate went to Russia

Wife of the former candidate for the post of the President of Belarus opposition, Valery Tsepkalo told Veronica, what was the decision of her husband to choose as asylum is Russia.

Last Friday, a source close to the Tsepkalo reported his immediate departure from Belarus to Moscow for fear of being detained. According to the source, Tsepkalo went on Thursday evening with the children, as he had received information about his possible arrest in connection with the ongoing law enforcement inspection. His wife remains in Belarus. Tsepkalo confirmed that they left the Republic because of the threat of arrest and now is in Moscow, but could return before the election on August 9.

"(It happened because) that between Russia and Belarus there are no boundaries. If they went to Ukraine, there are Ukrainian-Belarusian border. As far as we are informed, he (Valery Tsepkalo - ed.) already in the system. If they held his passport... it is simply not to be released outside of Belarus. That is why he chose Russia and went with the children to Russia", - said Veronika Tsepkalo, the radio station "Echo of Moscow".

The representative of the electoral headquarters of her husband explained that it was so her husband could unobtrusively leave Belarus. "My husband nothing illegal was done in this country. All we have to do, all he tried to do is to exercise their basic constitutional rights," stressed the Belarusian oppositionist.

Earlier, the CEC of the Republic has not recorded Valery Tsepkalo a presidential candidate, a politician challenged the decision in the Supreme court, which dismissed the appeal. In Belarus, the campaign for the presidential election, primary election day scheduled for 9 August. Early voting will begin on 4 August.