Rouhani called the interception of U.S. air force Iranian plane "aviatrissa"

The actions of the air force of the United States against an Iranian passenger aircraft are "aviatrissa", said Wednesday Iran's President Hassan Rouhani.

"Is it possible to in the international air corridor on the existing route to the passenger plane, where adults, children and women who flew fighter, intimidating them. No doubt – this aviatiors," said Rouhani during a meeting of the government shown on television.

He also urged the International civil aviation organization (ICAO) and the UN security Council to oppose the "aviatrissa," saying that the countries in the Middle East must not remain silent.

Earlier, the civil aviation Organization of Iran announced that Iran has officially announced the protest to the ICAO Council, demanding immediate study of the situation around the convergence of the U.S. air force with the Iranian passenger plane of the airline Mahan Air, flying from Tehran to Beirut. A passenger plane landed in Beirut (Lebanon), dropped off passengers, refueled, and then returned to Tehran.

The incident occurred on July 23, as a result, according to reports, several passengers and crew members were injured because the pilot made a maneuver to, as noted in Iran, to leave from collision.

USA, in turn, reported that the F-15 aircraft, the U.S. air force escorted the Iranian airliner from a distance of one kilometer based on international standards. Once you have identified the airliner as a passenger aircraft Mahan Air, an American fighter moved away to a safe distance.