IT company of the US said China's ties with attacks on the Vatican system

The U.S.-based company Recorded Future, which works in the field of cybersecurity, said that allegedly connected with the Chinese authorities, the group has carried out a hacking attack on the system of the Vatican in anticipation of the renewal of the preliminary agreement with Beijing on the appointment of bishops.

"Since early may, the Vatican, the Catholic diocese of Hong Kong and a few others associated with the Catholic Church organizations came under attack in the RedDelta supported by the China group, which activity is a threat," reports the company Recorded Future on your website.

Experts of the company say that their specified intrusion into computer networks of the Vatican and other organizations occurred "in anticipation of the expected in September 2020 renewal important preliminary agreement for China and the Vatican from 2018". According to the company, as a result of this agreement, the Communist party of China supposedly got more "control "underground" Catholic community in the country, which, historically, subjected to persecution."

According to the company, the alleged attack could "provide RedDelta the opportunity to understand the position of the Holy see in the negotiations". Also the grouping of the invasion in the network, according to experts, could obtain access to "valuable source of information to monitor the relationship of the diocese and the Vatican and its stance against Pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong".

In September 2018 the Vatican and Chinese authorities signed a preliminary agreement on the appointment of bishops in China. The agreement, which was called historical, was reached during the visit to Beijing by under-Secretary for relations with States, Monsignor Antoine Camilleri, who held talks with Chinese Deputy foreign Minister Wang Chao.

Currently in China there are actually two Catholic churches. The official Church, whose bishops appointed by the Chinese authorities without approval from the Holy see, has about 6 million people, and the underground, according to Western media reports, about 12 million followers.

The procedure for the appointment of Catholic bishops is a major obstacle to normalization of relations. Beijing insists that the Chinese Association of Catholic patriots, she was appointed Chinese bishops, but the Holy see gives this right solely to the Pope. Now the Vatican have no diplomatic relations with Beijing and is the only European country to officially recognize the government of Taiwan.