The Greek physician appreciated the possibility of a second wave COVID-19 in the country

The second wave of coronavirus in Greece is unlikely, and the threat COVID-19 need to be taken seriously, but not overestimated, said to RIA Novosti, the Greek physician Fedor Ignatiadis, head of the therapeutic Department Euroclinic of Athens.

In addition to working in one of the largest private hospitals in Athens, Ignatiadis heads of the Greek-Russian club "Dialogos", publishes the newspaper "Athens courier".

In Greece the first case of infection was confirmed on February 26. Since the beginning of the pandemic until July 28, in Greece the total number of infected was 4279 people died in 203. In the last days in Greece increased the number of cases, the authorities obliged the citizens from 29 July to wear masks in closed areas where a lot of people going, the penalty for violators will be 150 euros.

"The situation in Greece cannot be viewed in isolation, we must look at what the situation is in the world. In the world of coronavirus infection does not abate, just change the regions in which rages coronavirus. In Europe it is now the Balkans, including Greece, Spain regions where the recently observed significant increase in the number of cases. This is Latin America, continue to lead a number of Asian countries and, of course, the United States," - said Ignatiadis, commenting on the imminent arrival of the second wave of the pandemic.

According to him, if you take the Balkan country, Romania, we can say that they have a second wave.

"It is not necessary to wait for the second wave around the white light. Each country will have its own epidemiological situation. When the world was in the conditions of globalization without borders, it was possible to speak of a single epidemiological model. Because the world was unprotected. Now in every country, your schedule, your mode of operation boundaries. Accordingly, we are unable to say where it will be the second wave. It can be in Romania and is already underway. There is a record of the disease at any time since the start of the pandemic. In Romania, in Serbia – the second wave", - said the doctor.

In Greece the number of identified cases has risen slightly from 10 cases per day to 20-30, and it can not be called the second wave, he said.

"Greece has opened the tourist season, and I would say that the opening was very successful. If in the early days there were 10-20 of cases of detection of coronavirus among tourists, but now they are down to three or five to seven occasions a day. This is a very low figure, considering that every day in Greece enters more than one hundred thousand tourists. Accordingly, in recent days has stabilized with no new cases at the level of 20-30 per day. It's a little, considering the data in other countries", - said Ignatiadis.

In his opinion, the compulsory wearing of masks in confined areas was a political decision.

"Now enter the mask in shops, in beauty salons, bakeries, and so forth, in supermarkets and hospitals. I think this was done because the government is afraid to lose political capital earned," said the doctor.

According to him, the world population was divided into two groups - those who deny the coronavirus, so-called kovid dissidents or crown-dissidents, and those who are excessively afraid.

"You saw people on the street that go in the mask. No one is forcing them, but they have introduced such restrictive measures. This is nonsense. In the same way as the denial of the coronavirus. The coronavirus exist, there is no doubt. Those who deny coronavirus, harm not only themselves but also others. Don't be afraid to overestimate infectivity and the ability to kill, but it is necessary to take measures", - said Ignatiadis.

Recently there has been a decrease in the number of severe cases due to the fact that in the Northern hemisphere summer in Greece at the moment in hospitals there are 88 people, including in the intensive care unit, eight people, he said. Ignatiadis reported that the Greek authorities during protivokariosnoe campaign reserved up to 200 persons in intensive care, of which employed less than ten, and three deployed in Athens hospitals only one accepting patients.

Ignatiadis believes that the situation is injected media.

"I think the sooner we stop talking about a single epidemiological models on the globe, the better. Take China - 60 cases, and say that this is the highest figure since March. But this is cheating. China has 90 thousand in two months, it was three thousand a day, and now 60 cases and say "the increase to 150%". And in Greece rise to 100% from 15 to 30. But this is ridiculous! Journalists are deceiving themselves. In Vietnam, supposedly there is a new dangerous strain, but there are only four hundred of the sick who died there. It's 100 million people. All the major sites have written about the threat of the Vietnamese virus, but in a country of 430 patients. Well, it's not even funny. It's time to separate journalism from a serious analytical approach. For journalists now has become the main sensation", - said Ignatiadis.

According to him, in some countries the official number of cases exceeded 1% in the U.S., and there may soon form a collective immunity.

"So I would not speak about a single model. The second wave somewhere to be, somewhere in there. It is necessary to consider the world in pieces, he's not the same as it was. The move is already under control. Therefore, the spacing of the infection in a few weeks around the world will be gone. I think we need to get away from the theory of the second wave and in each country to consider the epidemiological situation both on the individual," said the doctor.

In his opinion, will remain and some of the requirements.

"When the Greek border began to demand a certificate of absence of disease that has dramatically reduced the number of new cases. So, most likely, the help, the so-called caronport will remain. Accordingly, movement will be relatively "clean", each country will have its own situation," he said.

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