The Ministry will elaborate a concept of introduction of alcolocks, media reported

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation until the end of the year plans to develop the concept of mass adoption in Russia alcolocks devices lock the ignition in the detection of alcohol vapor in exhalation of the driver and work out the question of how to encourage automakers to install alcolocks in cars, the newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the minutes of the meeting in the Ministry.

According to the publication, before 1 October will see the concept of "introduction into the mass consumption of alcolocks to the vehicles, including the provision of service vehicles with alcolocks", and until December 31, will "study the issue" "on the promotion of mass implementation of alcolocks in the production model".

"In the future, the device will receive the status of "means of measurement" (similar to the breathalyzers and speed cameras), which means carrying out regular verification of the instrument," writes the newspaper. In the Ministry the request for publication is not answered.

According to the newspaper, at a meeting in the Ministry of industry were invited the representatives of LLC "Scientific-production firm "Meta" (to THE breathalyzer), the Scientific and production enterprise ITELMA (supplier of spare parts for factories), omega, OOO (developer of information systems), JSC "niim "Progress" (manufacturer of microelectronics).

The price of alcolocks range from 25 to 120 thousand rubles, the newspaper notes. Ready ignition interlock device cost 79 thousand rubles is the only "Meta", in the company to request the newspaper did not respond. In "AVTOVAZ", "UAZ", "GAZ", Hyundai also declined to comment.

A source at the car believes that the use of breathalyzer results in a big error probability. "If we test once at the time of landing, then breathe on the device can anyone, not necessarily the driver. If we monitor the presence of vapors during movement, the presence in the interior of one or more passengers with signs of alcoholic intoxication may lead to erroneous activation of the system lock", - he said.