Turkey adopted the law on regulation of social networks

The Turkish Parliament passed a bill on regulation of social networking, according to the results of the vote.

As stated by the head of the parliamentary faction of the ruling justice and development party (AKP) Ozlem Zengin, according to the bill introduced in Parliament the AKP and consists of 9 paragraphs, large social networks with number of users more than 1 million will be required to have representation in Turkey, whose head must be a citizen.

The messages that the Turkish authorities deemed insulting and defamatory should be removed without a court order within 48 hours. The non-fulfillment of the requirements for content removal and appointment of representatives of the social networks will be assigned to large fines, there are significant reductions in traffic. The bill requires companies to keep all details of their Turkish customers in Turkey.

As stated earlier, a spokesman for the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights Liz Throssell, the UN is concerned about the possibility of the introduction in Turkey of a new law on regulation of social networking, it could undermine the rights and freedoms of citizens to freedom of expression. Trussell noted that according to the interior Ministry of Turkey, by may 2020, for allegedly "baseless" and "provocative" posts on social media about the pandemic COVID-19 and the reaction to it by the state has been detained at least 510 people.