In the Moscow zoo born cubs Egyptian flying dog

Two adorable cubs of the Nile Pteropus (Egyptian flying dogs) were born in the Moscow zoo on 22 July, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the institution.

The zoo added that the zoologists once visited the kids and identified their gender. A girl named tango, boy – March.

"Babies are born perfectly healthy. They now weigh just over 20 grams. About a month Pteropus cubs will cling to their mothers and feed them with milk. To the second to fourth weeks of life the mother begins to teach the cub to be left alone. Surprisingly, even in many thousands of colonies, the female can always find my baby", - the press service quoted the General Director of the Moscow zoo Svetlana Akulova.

It is noted that the zoo is home to one of the oldest colonies of Nile bats. "The first representatives of this family came to us in 1996 from Rotterdam. During this time we received more than 320 descendants. In the pavilion "Night world" we support the group of no more than 18-20 individuals," - said in a zoo.

Also, the press service said that the ancestral line of bats is conducted on the mother, because the father of the baby is usually unknown. One of the mom's name is Tuya (daughter of tango) and the other mA'am (son – March). The adult size cubs reached in about 7-8 months, but is ready to breed females will be in a year and a half and males to two years.