Introduced in Seattle because of the protests of the Federal agents left the city

The mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan reported that introduced in the city due to the unrest, the Federal agents left the city.

She noted that directing Federal agents in Seattle, Portland and other cities, the President of the United States Donald trump wanted to have increased the level of violence.

Earlier, the mayors of Portland, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Kansas city and Albuquerque urged party leaders in the us Congress to adopt a law recognizing the illegal decision of the Federal authorities to send security forces to the city against the will of local authorities.

In Portland and other U.S. cities held protests, which began after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of police. The protests have often degenerated into riots.

The US President Donald trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities of States and municipalities that, in his opinion, do not take the necessary measures to restore order. In this regard, in some cases, the city introduced the military and Federal police, which caused discontent among the local authorities, which are predominantly Democratic party of the United States.