Yemen's President appointed a new Governor of Aden

Yemeni President Abd rabbu Mansour Hadi early Wednesday issued a decree appointing Governor of Aden, one of the leaders of the Transitional Council of the separatist South Yemen Ahmed Hamid Lemlia, said channel "al Jazeera".

The decision on the appointment of the new Governor of Aden was adopted against the background of statements by Saudi Arabia that the consent of the Council and the Central government of Yemen on the implementation of its proposed new mechanism for the implementation of the prisoner last year the Riyadh reconciliation agreement between the separatists and the authorities. This mechanism involves the formation of a new government within 30 days with the inclusion of candidates from the South and the North.

In addition, the President of Yemen has appointed a new head of the security forces of Aden, Mohammed al-Hamidi. The nomination of the Governor and heads of security forces of Aden became a compromise between the Central authorities of Yemen and the Transitional Council.

The government of Yemen has made the administrative center of the governorate of Aden and the temporary capital after rebels from the movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) seized power in the capital Sanaa and ousted President Hadi. However, in August last year, the separatists of the Transitional Council of southern Yemen seized by the government agencies and military bases in Aden and forced the supporters of the Central government to give them power, later announcing the establishment of the southern provinces self-government.