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HSE released the report after the statements of the Professor about the terrorist attack on Dubrovka

Higher school of Economics (HSE) issued a report entitled "Terrorism: no justification". Therefore, the University has responded to the debate on the admissibility of the excuse of terrorism for political ends, according to RBC.

Informed journalist Anna Narinsky wrote in Facebook about their long conversation with the American writer Susan Sontag, in which she called the capture of hostages on Dubrovke "the national liberation struggle of the Chechen people". Review Professor Hasan Huseynov that "all well said, Susan Sontag", users of the social network was seen as a justification of terrorism. In the University promised to give legal assessment of his statement.

The report concludes that the destruction of civilians cannot be justified, those actions cannot be described with words bearing positive, the more heroic color.

International terrorism, which was carried out from the territory of Chechnya in the years 1994-2009 are not recognized as national liberation struggles in international organizations, terrorist acts in Beslan and at the Dubrovka theater world community puts on a par with the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, the authors of the report.

The terrorist attack on Dubrovka took place in October 2002. A group of armed bandits led by Movsar Barayev seized the Theatrical center during the showing of the musical "Nord-OST". For three days the terrorists held more than 900 persons — spectators, actors and staff, 130 people from among the hostages were killed.