The political scientist rejected the EU statement on the prohibition of entry to Crimea from Ukraine

The statement of the representative of the European Commission prohibiting entry to the Crimea Ukrainian citizens is wrong, as the restrictions relate solely to the pandemic coronavirus, said RIA Novosti political analyst Sergei Mikheyev.

The EU has previously stated that he is concerned about "restriction" of free access of Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Crimea.

"As for the "crocodile tears" about the citizens of Ukraine, who allegedly could not enter (the Crimea), is an outright lie. Maybe comrades from the European Commission do not know, but people who have property (in the Crimea), as far as I know, any problems at the entrance to the Peninsula do not have. The issues related to the coronavirus that has emerged everywhere. I remind you that Europe closes its borders, and so on. Here I am now in the Crimea and see here citizens of Ukraine, who came here just to rest," - said Mikheyev.

Entering the territory of the Crimea foreigners and the entire territory of Russia, at the moment it is necessary to provide a test for the coronavirus (PCR), told reporters on Tuesday the chief state sanitary doctor of Crimea and Sevastopol Natalia Penkovskaya.