Italy's Senate supported the extension of state of emergency till October

The Italian Senate on Tuesday upheld the extension of state of emergency in the country in connection with the pandemic COVID-19. A proposal to extend the measures for combating coronavirus and to rebuild the country after the epidemic in the upper house was made by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

He called the extension of the emergency mode is required primarily because the data of the Scientific-technical Committee established by the Italian government, "show that the virus continues to circulate". In addition, the Prime Minister stressed that without the extension of state of emergency will lapse a current government Directive that contain the spread of coronavirus in fact be impossible.

"The state of emergency is the basis to enhance the powers necessary for rapid response to emergencies. Among these powers is the adoption of measures which, without such grounds cannot be implemented with the same speed," said Conte.

He noted that the issue of extending the regime was discussed at the morning meeting of the Council of Ministers, but the decision itself invited to consider the legislature to "take into account the guidance" of both chambers and thus to share responsibility.

At the conclusion of the Premier's speech the Senate adopted a resolution of the majority, which "authorizes the government to determine October 15, the date of completion of the national state of emergency," reads the statement on the website of the chamber. Voted 157 senators, opposed by 125 parliamentarians and three abstained. On Wednesday, a similar question will be considered in the chamber of deputies, where it is also expected Conte.

According to local media reports, the original date - 31 October - shifted by two weeks in negotiations between the government and various parties of the ruling coalition.

The Council of Ministers of Italy on 31 January adopted a resolution on the introduction of a six months emergency regime in the country in connection with the distribution of COVID-19 after the first cases of infection in the national territory. When emergency mode all key decisions related to controlling the spread of coronavirus and overcoming the consequences of the pandemic are taken by the government of Italy without the approval of Parliament. For this reason, the parliamentary opposition parties have repeatedly opposed the extension of emergency.

As of Tuesday the total number of cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Apennines exceeded 246 thousand, over 198 thousand patients have recovered, the victims were 35 123 people. In July, the number of new infections in Italy is at the level of 200-300 cases a day. Hospitals now have a little over 700 infected patients, and in intensive care units - a total of 40 people. In General, the number of cases and victims per day corresponds to the level of the initial period of the epidemic (end of February – beginning of March).

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