ROC called an interesting idea to celebrate the Day of Russia on the day of baptism of Rus

The Moscow Patriarchate described the initiative of the Orthodox public movement to move the celebration of Russia Day from June 12 to July 28 is the day of the baptism of Rus as "interesting", which could be the beginning of "deep discussion healthy public forces".

Previously, the movement "forty times Forty" proposed to consider the Day of the baptism of Russia July 28, "the real Day of Russia" because "it was July 28, 988 the beginning of the Russian statehood, which has developed into a thousand years of Russia".

The movement held a poll in the Telegram in which took part more than 12 thousand users of which 74% supported the idea of moving the Day of Russia on July 28.

In turn, the coordinator of "Soroka" Andrew Kornuhin expressed the opinion that the Day of Russia should coincide with the celebration of the baptism of Russia, as was amended in the Constitution about a thousand years of Russia.

"Once we voted for what we are - a thousand years of Russia, and dates, celebrating our people, must be within the amended meaning. It is the baptism of Russia was the beginning of enterprises often warring Slavic tribes. This was the birth of our statehood, which began to join other people. And thanks to the semantic paradigm, given the baptism of Rus, Russia became a multiethnic, multireligious and unique civilization in the state-forming role of the Russian people and the Russian Orthodox Church, which is also reflected in the new amendments," said Kornuhin reporters.

In celebration of the baptism of Russia movement "forty times Forty" in Moscow also placed the banner "Day of the baptism of Rus - the birthday of the Millennium of Russia" on the walls on the Third ring road and some other areas.

The twenty-eighth of July, Orthodox believers celebrate the baptism of Rus, which took place in 988. Since 2010, the public holiday is a memorable date in Russia. In the Orthodox Church calendar is the day of memory of Prince Vladimir (960-1015), the Baptizer of Rus', whom historians called the great, the Church of the Holy equal to the apostles, and the people called Vladimir the Red Sun.