In 65 of the 94 saved Malta migrants discovered coronavirus

At least 65 of the 94 migrants rescued in distress off the coast of Malta boat appeared to be infected with coronavirus, according to the newspaper Times of Malta.

Yesterday it was reported that the coast guard of Malta rescued more than 90 migrants.

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of health reported that of the 94 migrants saved test results ready for 85 people, 65 of them have already found a coronavirus. Another nine people are waiting for their results. As the newspaper notes, this is the largest cluster of coronavirus infections on the island, but authorities say that it will be relatively easy to handle, because migrants almost anyone no contact.

"In accordance with standard procedure, migrants arriving by boat, are immediately placed in quarantine for 14 days and pass the tests. Migrants with positive samples will remain in isolation in the centre of initial reception in the Beginning of the Spotlight, and the rest will remain under quarantine for them will follow", - the newspaper quotes the statement of the Ministry of health.

Only in Malta were registered in 708 cases COVID-19, recovered 665 people, nine died.

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