In Kiev was renamed the Russian street

Kyiv city Council voted to rename the street Russian in the Darnytsia district of the Ukrainian capital outside of Yuri Litvinsky - Ukrainian soldier killed in Donbas, the press service of the Moscow city hall on Tuesday.

"Today, the city Council decided to rename the street Russian in Darnytskyi area on the street Yuri Litvinsky. Litvinsky Yuri is an active participant of the revolution of Dignity, a reserve Colonel (posthumously), the battalion operational purpose "Donbass" of the National guard of Ukraine, participated in liberation of the territory of Donbass. Died from a sniper's bullet," reads a statement on the website of the municipality of Kiev.

The Council noted that the renaming of the street there is no need to change the address registration in the passport, this can only be done on their own.

"The documents on the right of property, auto, and other legal documents that specify the old name remain valid. The street renaming also has no bearing on the implementation of electoral law", - said in the city Council.