Durov named seven negative factors policy App Store

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov published a post in which he listed seven reasons why Apple's policy of developers of applications for users.

So, according to him, a 30-percent Commission company increases the value of all applications and digital purchases to users.

Another caveat concerns censorship of content apps for the iPhone: Apple censors apps in the App Store, and prohibits developers to tell users that certain content was hidden for iPhone users that is at the request of Apple. A separate item concerned the reduction of privacy — through account Apple every app and the notification will be attached to the user account that will allow you to monitor his actions, warns the film.

In addition, Apple's policy suggests a delay of app updates for a few days or weeks after they are released by the developers, as the company often delays the approval of updates for no apparent reason, says the founder of Telegram.

Two points relate to the in-app ads that developers have to show to cover their costs and reducing the quality of the applications.

"The billions of dollars that the developers give Apple could go to improving the quality of popular applications. Today these billions are gathering dust on offshore accounts, and Apple do not benefit humanity while who gave the money application writers trying to find resources to improve their developments. The result is we use less than quality services," concluded the actor.