The economy of Moscow came at the same scale, said the Deputy mayor

The economy of Moscow came at the same scale, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

"If to speak about the restoration of the sphere of trade and services, the economy came at the same order of magnitude as from the point of view of consumption, and from the point of view of opening and employment in these areas," - said Efimov, the TV channel "Moscow 24".

Moscow's economy has suffered due to restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. March 28 catering establishments due to the epidemiological situation worked only on delivery and takeaway. Companies providing domestic services have almost completely stopped working, there were only open shops selling food and Essentials, as well as pharmacies and pet stores. From 1 June the decision was made to open the enterprises, rendering household services, including food stores, dry cleaners and repair shops of footwear, and since June 9, earned a hairdressing and beauty salons. From June 16 opened a summer café, and on June 23 in the fully earned all catering establishments.

The mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in early July said that the capital has all the chances to restore the city's economy even in the affected industries. In his opinion, can save the investment potential, which was accumulated in previous years that will be the basis for moving forward.