In the Saratov region will tighten mask mode

Monitoring of compliance with mask mode in the Saratov region, where is stored the number of daily reported cases of the coronavirus at a level higher than 90, you need to tighten, said the Governor Valery Radaev.

"The situation will never get better, obviously. Therefore, I ask the Prime Minister, head of staff for combating coronavirus in cooperation with the office of the CPS to consider the need for selective strengthening of restrictive measures. The hard mask control needs to be where high risks of infection and systematically failed to observe sanitary norms. The headquarters of this work need to organize tomorrow," said Radaev on Tuesday at session of coordination Council on combating COVID-19 in the field.

"Stability of daily statistics saved. Moreover, according to date new cases were recorded only in two regions - Saratov and Atkarsk, and the regional center had 93 cases. Unfortunately, the recommendations about strict adherence to mask mode and is not executed, whether it be transport, shops, markets, places where people... Continue to wait to say that everyone is very anxious to rely on the consciousness of employers, citizens, universal discipline we can not", - he explained.

The head of regional management Rospotrebnadzora Olga Kozhanova at the meeting said that every day in the region registered at 94-96 new cases COVID-19.

Only in the Saratov region 9111 laboratory confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, including 96 in the last day, died, 56 patients have recovered 5369.

Previously, the government until July 31 banned in all public events and work pools, cafes and restaurants were allowed to operate in open areas without visitors in the rooms, also opened in the region's museums and tourist center. All residents were obliged to wear masks in public places and to comply with social distance. Quarantined closed Novopolevaya village of Balakovo district.

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