The head of the Greek foreign Ministry accused Turkey of expansionism and Ottoman aspirations

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias said that the Turkish leadership holds neoekspressionisty policy, and religious figures eager to return to the days of the Ottoman Empire. Criticism of the Turkish leadership Dendias spoke after talks in Athens with foreign Minister of Spain Arantxa gonzález Laya.

"My colleague arrived today in Athens from Turkey, where she spoke yesterday with our Turkish counterpart. I would like to be clear. I'm not going to use this meeting to follow the Turkish side in the insult to the nation. We respect the Turkish nation, as we respect all Nations of the Earth. However, we unambiguously condemn the policy of the Turkish government, because the whole of Europe condemns it," said Dendias.

The Minister mentioned the first namaz in a mosque of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, where the head of the Department of religious Affairs of Turkey Ali Erbas led worship with the sword in hand, and referred to 1453, when the Turks captured Constantinople.

"Europe, speechless, sees a religious figure re-captures with his neo-Ottoman vision sword Museum, Hagia Sophia, founded by the founder of modern Turkey (Kemal Ataturk). So, Turkey violates the modern symbol of intercultural dialogue, to reason, to turn it into a mosque. The impression that she's going back to the XV or XVI century," said Dendias.

"Europe, which condemns neoekspressionisty policy of Turkey at the expense of all its neighbours, also condemns all actions that undermine peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean", - said the Minister.

According to him, if Turkey decides to ignore international law, it should have a clear understanding of the boundaries of this, and Europe needs to be United when it violated the sovereignty of any member state.

"I want to reiterate that Greece is ready for dialogue with Turkey. The dialogue, however, is not in the power of threats, not in the power of insults. At the last Council of Ministers of foreign Affairs called upon the services of the European Union to prepare a text options, which will include severe penalties in the case that Turkey will continue to behave in illegal and dangerous for peace and stability in the region. This option should be at the European table, just in the hope that it will never be used," said Dendias.

He called a historic achievement of the European Union the peace for over 75 years.

"We will not cease to urge Turkey and Turkish society to take part in this achievement, decisively putting aside the Ottoman swords and his neo-Ottoman vision of delusion," - said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece.

Dendias also said that Turkey's decision to suspend seismic exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean is a positive development. "The Greek government has always said and continues to say that a necessary condition for dialogue, said my Spanish colleague, is de-escalation with Turkey", - he said.

"We believe that our dispute with Turkey concerns the question of the continental shelf in the Aegean sea and the Eastern Mediterranean and adjacent Maritime zones. In this we have a disagreement with our neighbor Turkey," - said the Minister.

Press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said on Tuesday that Ankara initiated seismic studies in the area of Kastelorizo island in the Mediterranean sea may be on hold pending negotiations with the Greek side.

The hydrographic service of Antalya on Tuesday released the international Navtex warning about the seismic research to the South and East of the island of kastellorizo from 21 July to 2 August. In Ankara it was announced that a research ship Oruc Reis will be in the area. There was also a 15 Turkish military vehicles. Greece says that the area in which Turkey has started seismic surveys, included in its exclusive economic zone. Greece issued its Navtex notification that cancelled Turkish. The Hellenic armed forces have been alerted across the country. The Greek foreign Ministry has announced that it has protested Turkey and Greece have raised this issue in the EU, NATO and the UN.

Turkey has called the claims of Greece regarding the initiated seismic studies in the area of kastellorizo unfounded.