The mayor of Tirana and three deputies of the Parliament of Albania contracted the coronavirus

The mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj reported that his test COVID-19 positive coronavirus was also detected in three of deputies of the Parliament of Albania, who until Monday attended the meeting of the legislative Assembly.

The mayor of Tirana reported he identified the coronavirus on Tuesday in social networks.

"Friends, after the test I announced that I was positive for СOVID-19. Feel good, and so is my family. But today will continue to work with the same commitment to Tirana from home," wrote Velia in Facebook, urging citizens to comply with the measures of health.

The President Ilir Meta on Tuesday wished the mayor of the Albanian capital for a speedy recovery. On Monday, the head of state has successfully passed the impeachment vote in the legislative Assembly in connection with the transfer of dates of municipal elections in 2019. After the meeting it turned out that three of the deputies are infected with coronavirus.

"Tests of three deputies of Parliament on a positive COVID-19. This Elio hisco of the ruling socialist party and Enver Roshi from the opposition. Earlier the Deputy of Ralph Gjoni was tested, the tests came back positive. Despite this, he also participated in the meeting on Monday," - said the newspaper Albanian daily news.

It is noted that the identification of the three infected out of 140 members of Parliament had questioned the meeting of the Albanian legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

According to the latest data of health statistics of Albania, the country with the start of the pandemic sick 4 880 people, recovered 2 745, 144 patients died. The Ministry of health on Tuesday called on citizens "to sacrifice traditional meetings and celebrations" because of the marked increase in the number infected with the coronavirus.

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