The next leap Elon musk: what to expect

The first half of this year did not spoil humanity the good news, but any negative trend ends sooner or later. Commenting on the statements of the company Tesla, its permanent head Elon Musk announced a new horizon of technological progress — namely, that his team is working on creating intelligent and environmentally friendly home the new generation.

Rethinking previous experience, Musk intends to expand the range of interests and technical tasks. If earlier the company's activities were concentrated on three directions: production, storage and proper energy consumption, in the framework of the implementation of new ideas is the main technocrat planet also promises to solve the problem of clean and cheap heating, cooling, power for all household appliances and much more. That is, the target market has virtually no boundaries and new houses potentially interested people as hot regions, and regions where six months of snow.

The latter, for example, Mr Musk proposes to construct under every house a geothermal battery for accumulating the heat of the summer, and cold weather heating the building by means of pumps, and temperature adjustment is performed automatically through the artificial intelligence and proprietary Tesla chips. Every new house promised to equip with a smart HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), which is built into the floor and the walls of the arteries will raise or lower the temperature indoors. And even in new homes will be implemented power supply system, operating simultaneously with DC and AC.

Given the incredible publicity and the popularity of the master Mask, there is no doubt that his initiative will be the next technological breakthrough and a step to a brighter future. I'd love to believe in the reality of the technological claims of the head of Tesla and SpaceX, but, alas, still does not work.

Elon Musk is among the progressive youth occupies a position somewhere between technomedia and genius enthusiast. However, real success for him personally, while sparse — except for his personal merit and paid from the U.S. Treasury, which has a rather vague accounting and using the weight of state-owned preferences, "private space rocket".

Remember the basic invention, which network is rumored to Mr Mask.

You need to start with PayPal. It is believed that it was invented by our hero, but it is not. The forerunner of PayPal was Confinity, the company that was formed in 1998 and engaged in writing software for the popular at that time, devices-handhelds. It is within this company in 1999 was invented by the electronic system of quick money transfer, and no Elon Musk was not involved in this. Because at that time he tried to start an online Bank X.com but was only able to accumulate debts in the amount of ten million dollars. Confinity, which received extensive funding, buys among a number of other similar developments, startup Mask, and he offers to do advertising and marketing. After some time, gained momentum and popularity PayPal for half a billion dollars becoming eBay, and Elon Musk gets his share first and personal capital.

In 2003, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning create and begin the implementation of the concept electric sports car, along the way inventing the name Tesla Motors. In 2005, with the support of Lotus in the world comes the first production Tesla Roadster, Elon Musk is at that time not even the Director, but only the representative of the investor in the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the claim that Tesla first came to light three years later and only thanks to the technical genius of the Mask is too far from the truth.

Today Tesla sells in a year on average 360 thousand electric cars own production, however, sales here are falling and shops are closed, we need only the local government to deprive the company of preferential treatment. As it was, for example, in 2017 in Hong Kong.

Further — more.

The obvious artistry and understanding of the needs of the audience Elon Musk announced a number of major projects. The most famous among them, of course, the Hyperloop. The official start of the project has started in 2013, construction of a vacuum transport lines was announced in the format of "very near future", and for the opportunity to join the progress fought in the country from Saudi Arabia to Ukraine. At the moment news on the project yet, and the mastermind of the Hyperloop are carefully avoided in interviews.

Then there were projects electric truck, Cybertruck, Boring company and a three-kilometer tunnel under new York, where instead of the ugly subway car on the rails rode the Tesla. They all turned out to be the buffoonery and trickery.

With regard to the idea of building houses of the future will be interesting in two specific project. It's Powerwall and replacement of traditional power generation in Australia alternative.

In 2015, humanity has introduced a wall-mounted battery with the ambitious title Powerwall. The implication was that this is essentially a large battery backup electricity will accumulate and intelligently distribute it inside the apartment, allowing you to even charge your electric car. The cost of one basic Powerwall started from 3,5 thousand dollars, but it necessarily had to purchase the StorEdge inverter, which cost the same.

People with unromantic mind quickly calculated that at an average cost of 53 cents per kilowatt-hour payback period wall of happiness will amount to less than forty years, and to charge the Tesla from personal trehkanatnoy batteries slightly problematic.

In 2017 Elon Musk has promised in just a hundred days to save the state of South Australia, where the wave of environmental hysteria has closed a coal power station Hazelwood, causing 1.7 million residents of the state faced rolling blackouts. Instead of Hazelwood, with a capacity of 1600 megawatts on the spot was built the solar plant and accumulator station Hornsdale Power Reserve with capacity of 100 megawatts. This provided light thirty thousand households, however, electricity prices immediately soared into the sky. Three years later, the cost of a kilowatt-hour in South Australia one-third higher than in other States, and twice as expensive than in the US, where it came to the Savior.

In fact, fresh project smart homes made from old and proven complete failure of ideas, but because the revolution in the market of residential construction, alas, with high probability will be canceled.

Elon Musk deservedly will go down in history as a skilled Technopolis playing on expectations of rapidly infantilises companies engaged in protection of the rights of another minority, not the study of physics and mathematics. And blame him for something impossible simply because it gives people exactly what they want. Not complicated boring science and beautiful pictures, bright promises and simulation tech. Easy, clear and fast, a kind of fast food to dream of the brain.

It is a pity that to date the progress is not the slightest relationship.