The illegal beach photographers in Sochi seized monkeys

Monkeys, unlawfully detained at the beach photographers in Sochi, transferred to the animal before the court decision, a search for the men who mocked the monkey, according to the city administration.

It is noted that Sochi was a RAID on the identification of cases of illegal provision of photographic services with animals. It was attended by the police, the Sochi city administration, veterinary service and Rosprirodnadzor, as well as representatives of the animal protection movement in the city. So, violators found in Adler Resort town.

"We are talking about two monkeys, they were examined by veterinarians, animal health threatens nothing. Macaques transferred to remand the Sochi animal rights activists. For pet owners administrative reports. The necessary materials will pass in court for the adoption of procedural decisions", - stated in the message.

Authorities claim that such raids in Sochi will be held on a systematic basis.

Also on Tuesday, in the Internet appeared the video shot by a tourist in Sochi. It shows a man holding a monkey by the head, waving a hand in which the animal is located, and then threatened the monkey pulls at her diaper. The review indicated that the man in the video drunk and earns money taking pictures of tourists with monkeys. The police organized a check.

"In fact the video that has spread today in Sochi to the online public, where a man mocks the monkey, the police have established the identity of the person and the address of his residence. House of the butcher was not, his search continues", - emphasize in the city hall.