Tom Holland confirmed his romance with actress Nadia Parkes

British actor Tom Holland, who received famous after the role of spider-Man in Marvel blockbusters, confirmed in instagram, the affair with Nadia Parkes, posting a photo with her, reports the Daily Mail.

And although in the pictures the girl's face hidden by a mask, according to the newspaper, the photo shows exactly Nadia Parkes, an actress from a sci-Fi series "Doctor Who" and the mini-series "Spanish Princess".

As previously said a source to Daily Mail, the Holland meets Parkes a few months. Their romance began in the spring, when London declared a pandemic coronavirus and mass isolation.

Many fans were happy for the actor, and some began to joke about Jake Gyllenhaal, with whom Holland had befriended while working on the film "spider-Man: Far from home" (2019): "the Heart of Jake's now probably broken", "Maybe this is Gyllenhaal, just the wig and mask?", "The main thing is, don't cry, Jake Gyllenhaal".