Sochi authorities will sue the restaurant for the concert Morgenstern

Sochi authorities will send to the court on the activities of Vinograd restaurant, where on Friday a concert Morgenstern in violation of the current in the region of high alert mode because of the coronavirus, according to the resort municipality.

In Sochi on 24 July, in one of the restaurants in the Adler district concert artist Morgenstern. Video from the concert appeared on social networks. It shows crowds of people at the scene and in the pool without a mask, despite the current region in the mask mode. The artist himself in one of the video ironically that "this is the first concert after the coronavirus, which today ill everything." Police conducted a check and made two of material on violation of the regime of high alert in the region.

"Already today the city administration in conjunction with the CPS will be sent a claim to the court in the case of the activities of the restaurant "Grapes" in the Adler district. Last weekend the school held a mass event in violation of the rules and requirements of the CPS: a large crowd of people at one site, the violation of social distance, in addition, the restaurant is finished in the required twelve hours of the night", - stated in the message.

Clarifies that the city held daily raids with law enforcement bodies and representatives of the CPS to identify unscrupulous restaurateurs and hoteliers.

"In the case of ignoring of requirements of violators are waiting for fines or suspension of activities", - stated in the message.