In Catalonia introduced the "dry law" in public places

The authorities of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia introduced fines for drinking alcohol in companies in the streets from 3 thousand to 15 thousand euros as a measure to combat the spread of coronavirus, said the official representative of the regional government of Maricel Budo.

According to her, "for reasons of health of the population will not be able to drink alcoholic beverages in public places". The decision about the specific penalties will be taken by the city hall. "The mayor assigned the task of tracking and monitoring this injunction and the imposition of sanctions. Failure to comply will be considered a serious violation and will require approval from 3 001 to 15 000 Euro", - the politician said to journalists.

Budo explained that a number of municipalities have already introduced the ban, however, the government of the Autonomous community has decided to extend it to the entire region. The reason is that the spread of coronavirus occurs mainly among young people who often gather on the streets to drink alcohol.

Earlier, the head of Generalitat Kim Torr stated that "drinking alcohol now is not a holiday, but a lack of solidarity". "It is too serious a situation not to give it value. The number of flashes is a cause for concern. Have ten of the most important days of the summer, we must understand that we can with the help of solidarity to cope with this critical situation," said Torre.

Last week, Generalitat ordered the closure of all Nightclubs with an ever-growing number of infected. Casinos and gaming houses work only till 00.00.

The prohibition to drink alcoholic drinks introduced in Andalusia, the largest Autonomous community of Spain. Also introduced restrictions on the work nightlife. The decision was taken after a meeting of the head of the government of Andalusia Juanma Moreno with the mayors of provincial capitals in the region.

In the last two weeks in Spain was complicated by the epidemiological situation, first of all in Catalonia and Aragon. Two weeks were identified 22 125 new cases of infection COVID-19 of them in Catalonia – 10.1 thousand, in Aragon – 4.1 thousand.