In China a camel to go 100 miles in order to reunite with owner

In the region Inner Mongolia, the camel was more than a hundred miles to return to his former owner, according to the Truth Theory.

Former owner's name is Temur, he sold his 20-year-old camel to another shepherd in the fall of 2019. But eight months later the animal had decided to return to her first owner. The camel escaped and traveled more than 100 kilometers through the mountains, steppes and deserts. Temur found on its skin the scars and bruises she got climbing over fences and barriers.

He later contacted the shepherd, from which escaped camel, and offered him instead another animal.

Dedicated camel Temur decided to leave him, and for all tests, which she passed, gave her hadak — Buddhist ritual scarf, which is awarded on special occasions as a sign of appreciation and respect.