With the ex-head of the RAO and the other defendants want to recover 762 million rubles

The Prosecutor sought to recover more than 762 million rubles from the former head of the Russian authors ' society (RAO) Sergei Fedotov and other defendants in the case of fraud, the correspondent of RIA news from the hall of Presnensky court of Moscow.

"The civil claim of the Russian author's society are asked to meet," said the Prosecutor.

At the request of RAO, Fedotov will have to pay 72% of this amount, and his mother is 20%, the rest divided between the other defendants. As explained by the representative of RAO, this separation is due to different roles in the theft. According to him, each is working on repayment of the damages: they help to sell property and to enter into a settlement agreement. Fedotov himself had previously stated that he is ready to put on the repayment of damage to properties in Scotland and the house on Nikolina Gora for 150 million rubles.

The defendants in the case are his mother, Vera Fedotova, former employee Angela Ageikina and ex-CEO of CJSC "Service-operational company", which managed the assets of RAO, Svetlana Lemesheva. Fedotov is in custody, the rest under house arrest. They are all previously admitted his guilt. The case is heard in a special order - without research of proofs and interrogation of witnesses, which is a mitigating circumstance where the court could not impose the maximum penalty.

According to the indictment, Fedotov in 2011, he created and headed an organized criminal group. The participants looked for authors who for a small fee, sold the rights to their unpopular work. Office, which was supposed to monitor to RAO, provided false data about the multiple reproduction of these works on radio, television and in public places. After that, the money under the royalties were transferred to the controlled entities and abducted.

In the summer of 2017 Fedotov had already been convicted — then he got one and a half years of imprisonment for swindle in especially large size. As reported by consequence, the forces of the interior Ministry and the FSB had identified the fraudulent scheme of illegal appropriation of the property of third parties assets, and organization caused the damage amounted to about 297 million rubles. In December 2017 the Ryazan regional court has satisfied the petition about conditional-early release Fedotov. In addition, RAO sought him in civil proceedings damages in the amount of 242 million rubles.