Aksakov commented on the idea of restricting the withdrawal of deposits during the crisis

The Russians are in a pandemic took the money from the deposits, especially foreign currency, but to limit withdrawal is dangerous and fraught with panic, such restrictions are no plans and does not intend, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

Answering the question whether it would be appropriate to impose restrictions on the withdrawal of deposits during the crisis periods, Aksakov said, "I think that such a measure would be dangerous, only would create problems. Any limitations only reinforce distrust of financial institutions and create panic. Therefore, there are no restrictions and no plans not to plan".

However, he added that any discussions on the introduction of such restrictions is not currently conducted. "Nothing was discussed", - said Aksakov.

According to Central Bank data, as of the beginning of 2020 Russian investors kept funds in the banks in foreign currency 96.5 billion, however, for the first four months of the current year took 8.3 billion dollars. In may the Russians began to actively re-open the deposits in foreign currency they grew by $ 721 million dollars.

In June, according to the Bank, the return rate on the deposits with banks continued - they grew by 0.67%, or 593 million dollars, and on July 1 89.6 billion. As explained by RIA Novosti, the experts in traditional deposits the outflow of foreign currency, but it significantly exceeds the inflow of foreign currency on current accounts, primarily cards.

In the first half of the Central Bank several times recorded outflow of funds not only currency, but the ruble deposits in January and may. As noted by the regulator, the outflow of citizens in may, was typical for this month. In General, the means of Russians in banks on July 1, reached to 31.7 billion rubles.