In South Korea, the cars Tesla will check for defects, a media report said

The South Korean authorities started investigation of the alleged defects autopilot to electric cars Model 3 American company Tesla, said on Tuesday the online version of the South Korean newspaper "Chunan Ilbo".

According to her, the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport of Republic of Korea addressed to the Institute of automotive technology of the country on 15 July with a request to check the well sold models of the company Tesla for defects of the autopilot, including the brakes and the cruise control, due to complaints of car owners.

Inspections will take from six months to two years. If the defects are confirmed, the Model 3 cars will be withdrawn, the newspaper said, citing the Ministry.

On the Agency's website of information on the checks yet.

According to the newspaper "Chunan Ilbo", the company Tesla also checks the Commission for fair trade of the Republic of Korea on the subject of exaggeration of the capabilities of Model 3.

In newspaper reports, indicates that the autopilot system not only controls the direction of movement of the machine, but also its speed. However, it quotes the opinion of experts, the autopilot system Tesla closer to the driver assistance technologies, not Autonomous driving without driver's assistance.

According to "Chunan Ilbo" in the first half of the year in South Korea, has sold more than 7 thousand cars Tesla, which make up 43% of the electric car market in the country, ahead of Hyundai and Kia.