Ministry of defence of Belarus denied the information on the transfer Minsk paratroopers

The Ministry of defense of Belarus refuted the information in social networks about the fact that in Minsk deployed Marines for the period of the election campaign.

Belarusians will elect their President on 9 August. Candidates for the highest office was five people, including the incumbent Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. The election campaign is accompanied by the arrests of opposition politicians and activists, as well as unauthorized protests. 1 August Minsk will host a celebration of marine Day, which will include a demonstration of the skills of the military personnel and military equipment. In social networks has linked large-scale celebration with the upcoming presidential election, assuming that the Marines who arrived from the regions, will remain in the capital before election day.

"Another fake telegram from channels. They write that "70% of personnel 103 mobile brigade (based in Vitebsk – ed.) since July 18, located in Minsk, will be after the election, they were given the appropriate orders." It's hard to imagine where you would hide more than a thousand brave Marines, and that's just from one team, and most importantly – why hide them?" reads Telegram-channel of the press service of the defense Ministry of Belarus on Tuesday.

The Ministry recalled that, indeed, on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the airborne troops will arrive in Minsk personnel and equipment that will participate in the festivities. "Blue berets from Vitsebsk to the capital also profits, their smaller battalion - enough to perform at the festival on 1 August", - stated in the message. Stressing that such a celebration in Minsk, "special operations forces organize first year, every time – with the involvement of military equipment."

The press service also noted that now the personnel of the 103rd Vitebsk guards separate airborne brigade in the place of permanent deployment, engaged in combat training, preparing for the celebration of the paratroopers and special operations forces. "Starting tomorrow at Vitebsk paratroopers tight holiday schedule: congratulation of veterans of the airborne forces, the inauguration of the school named after V. Margelov, the annual charity trip to an orphanage, a joint action with the regional hospital and many more activities. The second of August the brigade will traditionally open its doors to all comers. Make sure Vitebsk Marines in place, you can even personally", - said the press service.

The second of August in Belarus will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the airborne troops, the successor of which are special operations forces. For residents of Minsk on 1 August on the prospect of Winners will be organized festive events. The program includes the landing of a helicopter on the ground and in the waters of the river Svisloch, ostentatious lessons in unarmed combat and drawing combat scenes. The driver of the BTR show "waltz of the machines on the water." Will also be an exhibition of equipment, arms, uniforms. August festive events will be held in all formations and units of special operations forces: in Brest, Vitebsk and Maryina Gorka. The defense Ministry stressed that on 1 August after the completion of the festive events in Minsk planned return of personnel and equipment in places of permanent deployment.