The Railways issued a Declaration with commitments on ecology and lake Baikal

Russian Railways has published on its website a Declaration obligations in terms of ecology and lake Baikal, which, in particular, provide for the construction of facilities in accordance with environmental protection legislation and special projects in support of biodiversity conservation of the unique ecosystem of the lake.

A document called the "Declaration concerning an integrated approach in solving problems of protection of lake Baikal in the implementation of investment projects to develop Eastern polygon". "Of JSC "Russian Railways" realizes that the location of the objects on the Baikal natural territory imposes a special responsibility on the company. Setting its primary objective the fulfillment of the mission for the safe transport of goods and passengers with minimal impact on the environment during implementation of investment projects for the development of the Eastern site, the company finds it necessary to participate in preserving the ecosystem of lake Baikal", - the document says.

The Declaration signed by the CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov 28 July 2020. The company it provides a number of points that agrees to comply with the balance between the desired socio-economic development and the preservation of unique natural complex of lake Baikal.

"To implement the design, construction, reconstruction and operation of production facilities in strict compliance with the environmental norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Implement special projects in support of biodiversity conservation of the unique ecological system of lake Baikal. To implement the reconstruction and construction of best available technologies for reducing technogenic impact on the environment. Systematically carry out environmental control and monitoring of the impact of the company's facilities on the environment", - stated in the Declaration.

There is mentioned awareness-raising on the need for respect for the ecosystem of lake Baikal. In addition, the company welcomes the possibility of expanding such activities with the participation of all interested public organizations, associations of citizens, institutions and authorities.

Previously, the newspaper "Kommersant" wrote that the world wildlife Fund (WWF) calls on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin not to sign legislation designed to speed up railway construction Railways, pointing to a number of negative features in the environment. In particular, there is mentioned a lake. In a press-service of Russian Railways, RIA Novosti reported that the company has no plans to build a new railway along the shoreline of lake Baikal and to cut down this forest, is possible only cutting a small strip with a width of 10-15 meters for the construction of the process facilities along the existing paths in the absence of an alternative.